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Williams Sara Grills Bomber Bit


The Williams Sara Grills Bomber Bit is a specialty polocrosse bit.

Sara Grills, a polocrosse horsewoman from NSW, designed this bit. See here for an interview with her.

Sizing: Please add 10-15mm to the straight measurement of the mouth, to ensure there is enough room for the bit to curve over the tongue. 

This is a very strong bit. The stainless steel link joins the sweet iron mouth pieces. The link applies sharp tongue pressure and there will be some bar pressure and pinch.

Bomber recommends the Williams Sara Grills for a horse that bears down or has a low head carriage, this will lift the head and lighten the contact.

The sweet blue iron mouthpiece will oxidise to a brown colour over time, as it encourages salivation and acceptance of the bit.

The Williams cheek piece encourages flexion and helps to prevent drifting.

The Williams Sara Grills Bomber Bit is recommended for polocrosse, and is especially suited to neckreining, or one-handed reining.