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The Buttery is a historic property in the Western Districts of Victoria, Australia. It was originally a settler's block, carved off nearby Mount Hesse station and settled in 1901. 

Buttery Horse Co. is steered by Jason Martin Butt and his wife, whom he first chatted to over a Bomber bit (the Colin Miles TBar Gag).

Jason is an English polo trainer, with more than 25 years’ experience working with performance horses.


Jason‘s upbringing in Oxfordshire was steeped in the English riding traditions of foxhunting and equitation, with an orientation towards veterinary science. His mother is a clasically-trained horsewoman, and his father was a renowned London veterinarian in a time when the top floor of Harrods department store was filled with exotic animals of all descriptions. 

Jason first came to Australia as a teenager to work on a cattle station in the Northern Territory. The stockmen soon recognised his gift with horses and Jason was transferred to Ellerston, to train horses for the station owner - Kerry Packer. Jason trained horses for Packer for the next five years in Australia and England and went on to play in the US, Brazil and Argentina. He has been honoured to work with some of the top horsemen in polo: Carlos Gracida, Hilario UlloaAndrew Hine, John Horswell and David Morley.


Jason now trains horses at his property, The Buttery, which is set amid the open plains and scattered lakes of western Victoria. Many of the horses are off-the-track racehorses who find a second chance at life through re-training. His dyslexia has helped him connect with horses in a unique way - to tune into and translate to horses‘ sensory and physical language. In his free time, Jason is a sculptor. 

Bomber Bits

Jason has used and recommended Bomber bits for many years, for their innovative, high-quality design. He used to bring back a bag of them every time he came back from England.

The bits channel energy between horse and rider, enabling trust-based teamwork. The mechanics of the bits are remarkable. Again and again, with the horses he has trained, finding the right bit has been a lightning rod for success. Bomber bits are a game-changer for player-horse connection. 

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Jason Martin Butt a professional polo player and horse trainer, riding Max, an off the track thoroughbred horse.

Jason and Max at the Mt Hesse stables.