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Code of Ethics

Updated November 2022

Buttery Horse Co. is a place where animals and humans aim to live their best lives. 

We strive to:

  • Bring out the best in each and every horse and human,
  • Treat animals as individuals, with respect, and try to understand what they say to us.
  • Be healthy and put safety first. 
  • Carry out all duties with kindness, care and respect.
  • Have best practice in horsemanship.
  • Communicate clearly and openly with horses and humans. 
  • Look for better ideas. Always keep learning and stay curious.

We are always working to bring our clients the best. We do not sell whips, spurs or twisted bits. We prefer to use products that are not derived from animals, where practical, and we support regenerative farming practices. 

We follow the Five Domains model of horse welfare, which includes a horse's nutrition, environment, physical health, behaviour and mental health. We acknowledge the horse's manifesto for happiness: friends, forage and freedom. 

References: Australian Horse Industry Council Code of Practice

Five Domains

Horse's Manifesto Lauren Fraser Equine Behaviourist