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Polo Pelham Bomber Blue Swivel Bit


The Polo Pelham Bomber Blue Swivel Bit cheek piece can be very strong and is recommended for horses that are hard to stop in other bits.

The Swivel feature ensures that the mouthpiece stays in the correct position on the tongue and moves with the horse.

The Polo Pelham Bomber Blue Swivel Bit is easily accepted in the horse's mouth, it gives tongue relief, it’s light, non-metal and encourages salivation. The Polo Pelham Bomber Blue Swivel Bit mouthpiece is unique and produces amazing results for the majority of horses. The mouthpiece is ported to give tongue relief. The nylon composite material is light in the mouth and encourages salivation. It is particularly well suited to horses that object to metal mouth pieces.

The Bomber Blue is not recommended for horses that chew the bit, as the material can be damaged by chewing (Suggest the Happy Tongue variation instead).

Supplied with bit rubbers, stainless steel curb chain and hooks.