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Polo Gag Snaffle Comfy Lockup TBar Bomber Bit


Bombers Snaffle Polo Gag Bomber bit has an innovative design which is slightly curved to be comfier on the horse's mouth. 

The sweet blue iron mouthpiece will oxidise to a brown colour over time, as it encourages salivation and acceptance of the bit. 

The Bombers Snaffle Polo Gag can come with two possible variations (please select the options you want):

Tbars on the side of the bit improve turning action.

No Lockup This is a MUCH stronger bit, which will apply significant tongue and cheek pressure. 

Lockup The snaffle can come with a lockup variation, which limits the range the hinge can bend. This removes the nut cracker action of the conventional snaffle, resulting in less pressure on the bars. Many horses respond very well to this, and will accept the bit more easily. We recommend the Polo Gag Comfy Lockup Snaffle Bit to those riders who conventionally use the single break snaffle which causes the head to lift. This alternative will bring the head down and under. 

This bit is supplied with gag ropes.  


Customer Reviews

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Luke Shelbourne
A great bit

This is a well made bit and sits nicely in the horses mouth.