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3 Ring Gag McHardy Tbar Bit


The 3 Ring Gag McHardy Bit mouthpiece is a Bomber invention for the strong but tongue-sensitive horse and recommended when the Happy Tongue ported bit does not offer enough control. It is suitable for when the horse becomes heavy or is behind the bit.

The 3 Ring Gag McHardy Bit is a suitable bit for a horse showing classic signs of resisting tongue pressure by shaking its head or sticking its tongue out. With this in mind the McHardy was created, it is a hybrid between the Happy Tongue and Buster Roller. It has a medium port creating space for the tongue, relieving pressure. The shortened roller in the middle increases bar pressure, lifting the horse’s head while the roller brings the chin in achieving more control.

The sweet blue iron mouthpiece will oxidise to a brown colour over time, as it encourages salivation and acceptance of the bit.