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Polo Mallet - Next Generation George Wood FibreCane Stick


This polo stick will never wring.  The New Zealand FibreCane Polo Mallet is built tough, and is impervious to climactic conditions. 

These Polo Mallets are the best in their class. They are particularly suitable to beginners or for indoor arena polo because they have a large sweet spot. The have a lighter head for a more balanced feel that easier to manuever in tight play.  These polo mallets are ideal as a spare or to lend to your mates, because they are much stronger than a cane polo stick. 

Have you noticed standard cane polo sticks getting worse and worse? That's because the world’s supply of manau canes from Indonesia is diminishing due to deforestation. That kind of cane takes decades to establish, so it can't be easily replaced. So many manufacturers are using worse quality (cheaper) cane and sticks aren't holding up like they used to. 

FibreCane is a sustainable solution, and decades of research has gone into the development of these next generation polo sticks, with over 80 versions developed and tested. Modern materials are stronger, lighter, more powerful and more consistent than ever before. If you have tried FibreCane before and been disappointed, you'll be pleasantly surprised by these.  

The composite shaft is a huge advance on earlier models using the latest technology and a well tested combination of modern materials. It has a larger sweet spot and minimal vibration.

The injection molded handle is by far the best polo grip ever made. Super comfortable, great grip, shock absorbing, long lasting, easily washed and with an adjustable sling. 

Since 1982 George Wood has been on a quest to make the best polo mallets in the world. No person on earth has spent as much time, effort and money on this. The development and improvement of every component has been his central focus.

Wood Mallets Ltd lead the world in polo mallet technology.  The Fibercane mallet is the world’s most popular composite mallet.