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Sale Bomber Bits

We have a selection of Bomber bits on sale 20% off sale for a limited time only. This selection is curated for the hunting season, and includes a range of bits suitable for your larger horses. Sale on in-stock items listed below. 

The Pelhams are suitable for horses that require stronger brakes, as the curb chain spreads the pressure over the jaw. 

3 Ring Gags are excellent quick-release gag bits, which can include a nylon strap for added curb pressure. When used with a curb strap, 3 Ring Gags (also called Dutch Gags) function like a gag-pelham hybrid. The control plate mouthpiece is stronger than the ported barrel. 

Bombers snaffles are specially designed to reduce the nutcracker action of a traditional snaffle. This helps the horse accept the pressure. This comes in a lock-up or regular snaffle version. 

The DC Morgan is an excellent dressage-legal bit which includes poll pressure, and has a comfy port over the tongue, to help the horse go down onto the bit. 

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