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Titanium Polo Gag Happy Tongue Bomber Bit with Tbars


The Titanium Polo gag Happy Tongue Bit is made with the highest class of bitting material, with superior benefits. Titanium has antibacterial properties & is biocompatible with the horses mouth. It offers superior strength and is extremely lightweight in the mouth. It is hypo-allergenic and is warm to touch, and increases saliva which encourages the horse to accept the bit.

It is lightweight compared to the sweet iron bits, but still strong. This is a good bit for a sensitive or fussy horse. 

This is the Rolls Royce of bits. 

The mouthpiece of the Titanium Polo Gag Happy Tongue Bit is by far our most successful design - we recommend for all young horses and those that show tongue sensitive signs. 

BOMBERS ADVICE The Happy Tongue is a solid mouthpiece uniquely ported to give maximum tongue relief. The curved mouthpiece is softer on the bars and slow in applying tongue pressure.

A gag works by lifting the bit in the mouth in order to encourage the head to be raised. Often used on strong horses that like to lower their heads in order to escape the action of the bit in the mouth and get very strong.