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March 03, 2021 2 min read

It can be a bit confusing to understand all the types of gag bits. Polo gags are one of the most popular bits in polo. Why? Because they work so well. Gags lift the bit in the horse's mouth, and apply poll pressure to the top of the head when tightened.

Gags have two reins - one a direct rein on the rings of the bit which turns the pony's head, and the other rein attached to the gag rope which slides through the bit and engages the poll pressure. 

There are three main types to choose from:

  • Polo Gag - the standard polo gag has a loose ring, which slides through the bit. Our standard polo gags are big loose ring gags, or they can also be customised to a medium loose ring gag (which is slightly smaller so engages slightly more quickly when the rein is pulled). 
  • Eggbutt Gag - this cheekpiece is shaped like a D rather than the standard gag which is shaped like an O. The D is fixed to the bit, so will engage slightly quicker, and the sides of the D against the cheek add extra power when turning. The Castagnola brothers use the Bombers Eggbutt Gags. 
  • Polo 3 Ring Gag - this bit is an all-metal version of the polo gag, a modern innovation on the classic. Instead of gag ropes that slide through the bit, there are metal rings. This bit releases quickly when you want to go forward at speed. It can also be customised into a 4 ring bit, with an extra ring on the bottom for increased leverage to pull the horse's head under. Ring gags can also be used with a chin strap for extra leverage. These are also popular eventing bits. 

All Bomber bits are made with sweet blue iron that will oxidise and encourage salivation. The bits are handcrafted and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

Give us a call to discuss bits.