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April 11, 2023 3 min read

When it comes to playing polo or polocrosse, having the right equipment to keep your horse safe and comfortable during the game is essential. A critical piece of equipment is the boots that the horse wears to safeguard the fetlock and tendons from damage during play.

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Husk boots

Husk boots are one type of protective boot for horses while playing polo or polocrosse. They are made from lightweight carbon mesh that helps keep the horse's legs cool while offering some protection during polo games. However, the velcro does wear over time, so it is important to ensure that the boot does not become loose during play. An extra layer of tape around the velcro may be a good idea.

Best Alternatives to Husk boots

Eskadron boots

If protection for your horse is your priority, the best boots we tested for solid protective wear are the Eskadron Flexi-Soft sports boots. These hard shell boots provide 360-degree protection for the horse's lower legs. There is hard coverage over the tendon and fetlock, and flexible coverage over the front of the canon bone as well - a feature rarely found in standard tendon boots.

In addition, the design of the boots means that both the back of the tendon and the inside and outside of the fetlock has excellent protection, which are high-risk areas for horses during polo games.

Eskadron sports boots are German-engineered and made by Pikeur Eskadron, one of the world's highest-quality horse equipment brands, specializing in gear for top-level eventing. Inside the hard outer shell is soft neoprene padding for a comfortable fit for your horse.

There is no need for bandages underneath these boots, and they are quick to fit and come with heavy-duty velcro straps. The heavy-duty velcro is secured by a second piece that locks down over the top AND a snap at the bottom, forming a triple-locking system making it very secure even after a couple of washes.

One additional feature is the excellent fit of these boots. They come with front and hind boots to ensure maximum comfort and secure fitting. The front boots have 2 velcro straps and the back boots are longer, with 3 velcro straps (all velcro is double-layered and with snaps at the bottom).

These boots also come in various colours, including white, navy blue, grey and black so they are a good fit for polo and polocrosse. When white is required for some polo and polocrosse games, Eskadron has a white boot with black velcro.

Polo wraps

Polo wraps are a common alternative. However, polo wraps can be time-consuming, and grooms must know how to fit them properly to keep them in place during play.

Polo wraps also usually need tendon boots over the top of them on the front legs for competitive games to provide more protection than the wraps offer when worn alone. They can also be cumbersome as you have to wash, detangle and re-roll them after every use.

However, they have been popular and are a classic, timeless look.

Neoprene boots

For those on a budget, neoprene boots provide decent protection all around the horse's leg but are bulkier in fit. They are easily washed, and similar to the Husk boot, you should also watch for wearing of the velcro as this can make the fit less secure during play. In conclusion, the type of boots a horse wears during polo games is an important consideration.

Zilco and Caribu make solid neoprene boots, if you prefer a budget option. 

The right boots can offer excellent protection, keep the horse cool, and minimize the risk of injury. Therefore, choosing boots that are convenient to use and offer the necessary protection for the horse's legs during polo and polocrosse games is essential.


Eskadron boots 

Polo wraps

Neoprene boots