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Idolo Safety Release Tie

White with Zinc-plated carabiner

The Idolo Safety Release Tie is a classy alternative to baling twine!

Invented by respected British horse trainer, Roy French, the Idolo Safety Release Tie trains your horse to tie up safely and confidently. It is made in the UK from high quality industrial nylon, making it strong, durable and rustproof.

The Idolo Safety Release Tie assists in training young horses and horses who tend to pull back and break breakpoint tethers too easily. If the horse pulls back, the Idolo uses friction to allow the rope to release slowly but remain connected at all times, preventing the horse from panicking and providing steady pressure. The pressure can be altered by reversing the Idolo.

The Idolo Safety Release Tie is based on pressure and release with a choice of two pressures, achieved by simply turning the Safety Release Tie over. Easy to use, reusable for years to come and ready to go straight out of the packet.

You are able to use the Idolo Safety Release Tie with almost any rope, this lightweight, strong and rustproof tool is a valuable asset to any tack box.

Make your yard a safer place. 

Safety note: Badly knotted ropes or braided ropes should not be used as they will restrict the pressure & release of this product.

The tether tie is sold with a screwgate carabiner to connect the Idolo to your hitching ring.

Please contact us to custom order other colours.